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Landmarks of botanical history : a study of certain epochs in the development of the science of botany / Part I.--Prior to 1562 A. D. By Edward Lee Greene. Greene, Edward Lee, 1843-1915. 893a Smithsonian institution 1909 Digital version available
The London flora containing a concise description of the phaenogamous British plants, which grow spontaneously in the vicinity of the metropolis, with their localities, arranged in conformity to the natural system, also, a Linnaean arrangement of all the indigenous British species, to which is prefixed a comprehensive introduction to the natural method, an account of classification, and a sketch of botanical geography / by Alexander Irvine. Irvine, Alexander, 1793-1873. 846a Smith, Elder 1838 Digital version available
Observationes botanicae : sex fasciculis comprehensae / Andreae Johannis Retzii ; quibus accedunt Ioannis Gerhardi Koenig ... Descriptiones monandrarum et epidendrorum in India Orientali factae. Retzius, Anders Jåhan, 1742-1821. 731b Siegfried Lebrecht Crusium 1791 [i.e., 1779-1791]. Digital version available
Repertorium specierum novarum regni vegetabilis. Fedde, Friedrich Karl Georg, 1873-1942. 914 Selbstverlag des Herausgebers 1905-1942 Digital version available
Rede ter herdenking van den sterfdag van Carolus Linnaeus : eene eeuw na diens verscheiden, in Felix meritis, op den 10den Januari 1878 / uitgesproken door Dr. C.A.J.A. Oudemans ... Oudemans, C. A. J. A. 1825-1906. 2776 Scheltema & Holkema 1878 Digital version available
Linnaeana, in Nederland aanwezig : Tentoongesteld op 10 januari 1878 in het Koninklijk zoölogisch genootschap "Natura artis magistra" te Amsterdam. 2765 Scheltema & Holkema 1878 Digital version available
Catalogus plantarum Americae Septentrionalis, huc usque cognitarum indigenarum et cicurum, or, A catalogue of the hitherto known native and naturalized plants of North America : arranged according to the sexual system of Linnaeus / by Henry Muhlenberg. Muhlenberg, Henry, 1753-1815. 802g S.W. Conrad 1818 Digital version available
Notices of European herbaria : particularly those most interesting to the North American botanist. Gray, Asa, 1810-1888. 3450 S. Converse 1840] Digital version available
Little journeys to homes of great scientists, Linnaeus / written by Elbert Hubbard. Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915. 2853 Roycrofters 1905 Digital version available
The copy of a letter from John Ellis, Esq., F.R.S., to Mr. Wm. Aiton, Botanic Gardener at Kew, on a new species of Illicium Linnæi, or starry aniseed tree, lately discovered in West Florida. Ellis, John, 1710?-1776. 656b Royal Society of London 1771] Digital version available
Systême sexuel des végétaux, suivant les classes, les ordres, les genres et les espèces, avec les caractères et les différences; par Charles Linné. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 604 Ronvaux 1798 Digital version available
The Bradley bibliography; a guide to the literature of the woody plants of the world published before the beginning of the twentieth century; comp. at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University under the direction of Charles Sprague Sargent, by Alfred Rehder ... Rehder, Alfred, 1863-1949. 3698 Riverside Press 1911-18 Digital version available
Flora Lapponica : exhibens plantas per Lapponiam crescentes / Carl von Linné. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 4054 Rediviva 1977 Digital version available
On artificial and natural arrangements of plants : and particularly on the systems of Linnaeus and Jussieu / by William Roscoe. Roscoe, William, 1753-1831. 803 R. Taylor 1815] Digital version available
Die Linné-Feier in der Gesellschaft naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin. Wittmack, Ludwig, 1839-1929. 2871 R. Friedländer & Sohn 1907] Digital version available
Exercises commemorative of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Linnaeus. Murrill, William A., 1869-1957. 2913 Published for the Garden 1907 Digital version available
An introduction to physiological and systematical botany / by James Edward Smith, M.D. F.R.S. &c. &c., president of the Linnaean Society. Smith, James Edward, 1759-1828 786c Published by Bradford and Read, No. 58 Cornhill ; 1814 Digital version available
An illustration of the sexual system of Linnaeus / by Iohn Miller. Miller, John, 1715-1790? 669 Published as the Act directs, & sold at the authors house in Dorset-Court near Parliament Street and at the principal booksellers 1779-1789 Digital version available
Flore du Dauphiné, ou, Description succincte des plantes croissant naturellement en Dauphiné ou cultivées pour l'usage de l'homme et des animaux, précédée d'un précis de botanique, de l'analyse des genres et de leur tableau d'après le système de Linnée; par A. Mutel ... Mutel, A. 1795-1847. 839 Prudhomme; [etc., etc.] 1830 Digital version available
Enchiridion historiae naturali inserviens quo termini et delineationes ad avium, piscium, insectorum et plantarum adumbrationes intelligendas et concinnandas, secundum methodum systematis Linnaeani continentur / editore Io. Reinholdo Forster ... Forster, Johann Reinhold, 1729-1798. 147 Prostat apud Hemmerde et Schwetschke 1788 Digital version available