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Index Linnaeanus in Leonhardi Plukenetii, M.D. opera botanica olim in privatos vsus conscriptus, nunc vero in aliorum etiam commodum editus. Accessere variae in vitam et opera Plukenetii observationes partim ex ipsius msto / auctore Paulo Dieterico Giseke ... Index Linnaeanus in Joannis Jacobi Dillenii Historiam muscorum ob similem usum additus est auctore eodem. Giseke, Paul Dietrich, 1741-1796. 681c Prostat Hamburgi apud auctorem et Carolo Ernesto Bohn Commissum :Typis Caroli Wilhelmi Meyn 1779 Digital version available
A generic and specific description of British plants translated from the Genera et species plantarum of the celebrated Linnaeus, to which is prefixed an etymological dictionary explaining the classes, orders and principal genera and a glossary is added to explain the technical terms / with notes and observations, by James Jenkinson. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 10 Printed, and sold by T. Caslon and Hawes, Clark and Collins in London, J. Ashburner in Kendal, and A. Ashburner in Lancaster 1775] Digital version available
New illustration of the sexual system of Carolus von Linnaeus comprehending an elucidation of the several parts of the fructification ... and The temple of Flora, or garden of nature ... / by Robert John Thornton. Thornton, Robert John, 1768?-1837. 772 Printed for the publisher by T. Bensley ... 1807 Digital version available
An arrangement of British plants : according to the latest improvements of the Linnaean system, to which is prefixed, an easy introduction to the study of botany. Illustrated by copper plates / by William Withering, M.D.F.R.S. ... Withering, William, 1741-1799. 675d Printed for the author, by M. Swinney;Sold by G.G. & J. Robinson ... and B. & J. White ... 1796 Digital version available
A dissertation on the sexes of plants / translated from the Latin of Linnaeus by James Edward Smith. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 2117 Printed for the author, and sold by George Nicol 1786 Digital version available
Flora britannica indigena, or, Plates of the indigenous plants of Great Britain with their descriptions taken from Linnaeus's Systema naturae, to which are added their English names, places of growth, and times of flowering / by John Walcott, Esq. Walcott, John. 145d Printed for the author by S. Hazard, Bath, and sold by J. Mathews ... [and 3 others] 1778 Digital version available
Sketches towards a Hortus botanicus americanus, or, Coloured plates : (with a catalogue and concise and familiar descriptions of many species) of new and valuable plants of the West Indies and North and South America. Also of several others, natives of Africa and the East Indies; arranged after the Linnaean system with a concise and comprehensive glossary of terms, prefixed, and a general index / by W.J. Titford. Titford, William Jowit, 1784-1823? 798b Printed for the author by C. Stower ;published by Sherwood, Neely anbd Jones, [etc.] 1811[-1812] Digital version available
The English flora, or, A catalogue of trees, shrubs, plants and fruits : natives as well as exotics, cultivated, for use or ornament, in the English nurseries, greenhouses and stoves, arranged according to the Linnaean system; with the Latin trivial, and common English names, and an English index referring to the Latin names. Also, a general catalogue of seeds ... / by Richard Weston, Esq.; author of The Universal botanist, &c. Weston, Richard, 1733-1806. 675* Printed for the author and sold by J. Millan, Whitehall [et al.] 1775 Digital version available
Flora carolinaeensis, or, A historical, medical and economical display of the vegetable kingdom : according to the Linnaean or sexual system of botany ... / by John L.E.W. Shecut. Shecut, John L. E. W. 1770-1836. 786a Printed for the author 1806 Digital version available
The "Critica botanica" of Linnaeus / translated by the late Sir Arthur Hort ; revised by Miss M.L. Green ; with an introduction by Sir Arthur W. Hill. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 3919 Printed for the Ray Society 1938 Digital version available
Synopsis of the annotations by Linnaeus and contemporaries in his library of printed books / by Spencer Savage. Savage, Spencer. 4471 Printed for the Linnean Society by Taylor and Francis 1940 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei Determinationes in hortum siccum Joachimi Burseri : the text of the manuscript in the Linnaean collections / edited by Spencer Savage. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 620b Printed for the Linnean Society by Taylor and Francis 1937 Digital version available
Linnaeus's system of botany, so far as relates to his classes and orders of plants illustrated by figures entirely new, with copious explanatory descriptions. Drawn up for the use of his pupils / by William Curtis, author of the Flora Londinensis, and teacher of botany in London. Curtis, William, 1746-1799. 677 Printed for and sold by the author ... and B. White ... 1777 Digital version available
Outline of botany or easy introduction to the science : designed as a syllabus to botanical lectures / by Robert John Thornton ... Thornton, Robert John, 1768?-1837. 801 Printed for and published by E. Cox ... 1812 Digital version available
Lachesis lapponica, or, A tour in Lapland : now first published from the original manuscript journal of the celebrated Linnaeus / by James Edward Smith, M.D., F.R.S., etc., president of the Linnaean Society ; in two volumes. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 192 Printed for White and Cochrane, Horace's Head, Fleet-Street, by Richard Taylor and Co., Shoe-Lane 1811 Digital version available
A general view of the writings of Linnaeus / by Richard Pulteney ... Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 33a Printed for T. Payne and B. White 1781 Digital version available
The elements of botany ... : being a translation of the Philosophia botanica, and other treatises of the celebrated Linnaeus ; to which is added an appendix, wherein are described some plants lately found in Norfolk and Suffolk, illustrated with three additional copper-plates, all taken from the life / by Hugh Rose ... Rose, Hugh. 470 Printed for T. Cadell ... ;and M. Hingeston ... ; 1775 Digital version available
Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark : illustrated with charts and engravings / by William Coxe. Coxe, William, 1747-1828. 2596 Printed for T. Cadell 1792 Digital version available
Clavis anglica linguae botanicae, or, A botanical lexicon in which the terms of botany, particularly those occurring in the works of Linnaeus, and other modern writers, are applied, derived, explained, contrasted and exemplified ... Berkenhout, John, 1730?-1791. 31 Printed for T. Cadell 1789 Digital version available
Historical and biographical sketches of the progress of botany in England : from its origin to the introduction of the Linnaean system / by Richard Pulteney ... . Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 738 Printed for T. Cadell 1790 Digital version available