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[The botanic garden; a poem, etc. [By Erasmus Darwin, the Elder.] (Part I. The second edition.-Part II. The fourth edition.)] Darwin, Erasmus, 1731-1802 729 J. Johnson 1795 Digital version available
[The botanic garden. A poem, in two parts ... The first American edition. [By E. Darwin, the Elder. With plates.]] Darwin, Erasmus, 1731-1802 730 J. Johnson 1799 Digital version available
Les amours des plantes, poëme en quatre chants; suivi de notes et de dialogues sur la poésie: ouvrage traduit de l'anglais ... par J. P. F. Deleuze. [In prose.] Darwin, Erasmus, 1731-1802. 731 1799/1800 Digital version available
A descriptive catalogue of upwards of 1100 species and varieties of herbaceous or perennial plants ... to which is added a list of hardy ferns ... and the most ornamental annuals. Graefer, John, -1802. 731c 1789 Digital version available
D. Vandelli ... Viridarium Grisley Lusitanicum, Linnaeanis nominibus illustratum. GRISLEY, Gabriel. 731a Digital version available
Reliquiæ Rudbeckianæ, sive Camporum Elysiorum libri primi, olim ab Olao Rudbeckio, patre et filio, Upsaliæ anno 1702 editi, quæ supersunt, adjectis nominibus Linnæanis. Accedunt aliæ quædam icones hactenus ineditæ, cura J. E. Smith. RUDBECK, Olof, the Elder and RUDBECK (Olof) the Younger. 732 1789 Digital version available
Summa plantarum, quæ hactenus innotuerunt, methodo Linnæana per genera et species digesta, illustrata, descripta. VITMAN, Fulgenzio. 732a 1789-92 Digital version available
Flora Lipsiensis, sistens plantas in agris circuli Lipsici ... secundum systema sexuale, etc. BAUMGARTEN, Joannes Christianus Gottlob. 732b 1790 Digital version available
A dictionary of the ornamental trees, shrubs, and plants, most commonly cultivated in the plantations, gardens, and stoves, of Great-Britain, etc. BRYANT, Charles (Naturalist) 733a Printed for the Author 1790 Digital version available
Nomenclator Linnæanus floræ Pedemontanæ. [Edited by Johann Brugnonus.] BUNIVA, Michele Francesco. 733b 1790 Digital version available
Tabulæ botanicæ elementares quatuor priores, sive Icones partium quæ in fundamentis botanicis describuntur. [With plates.] Cirillo, Domenico. 734 1790 Digital version available
Methodi Linnæanæ botanicæ delineatio, exhibens characteres essentiales generum necnon specierum, quæ in demonstrationibus elementaribus botanicis describuntur, etc. GILIBERT, Jean Emmanuel. 735 1790 Digital version available
Descriptio et adumbratio plantarum e classe Cryptogamica Linnæi, quæ Lichenes dicuntur. HOFFMANN, Georg Franz. 735a 1790-1801 Digital version available
Flora Cochinchinensis; sistens plantas in regno Cochinchina nascentes; quibus accedunt aliæ, observatæ in Sinensi imperio, Africa orientali, Indiæque locis variis, etc. LOUREIRO, Joannes de. 737a 1790 Digital version available
Historical and biographical sketches of the progress of botany in England, from its origin to the introduction of the Linnæan system. Copious MS. notes. PULTENEY, Richard. 738 1790 Digital version available
The sexes of plants vindicated: in a letter to Mr William Smellie ... containing a refutation of his arguments against the sexes of plants. And remarks on certain passages of his Philosophy of natural history. ROTHERAM, John, M.D., the Younger. 742 William Creech ;T. Cadell 1790 Digital version available
Gramina pascua: or a collection of ... common pasture grasses ... with their Linnæan and English names; ... descriptions, etc. SWAYNE, George, Vicar of Pucklechurch. 742a 1790 Digital version available
Flore des environs de Paris; ou, distribution méthodique des plantes qui y croissent naturellement, executée d'après le systême de Linnæus, etc. THUILLIER, J. L. 742b 1790 Digital version available
Flore des environs de Paris; ou, distribution méthodique des plantes qui y croissent naturellement, executée d'après le systême de Linnæus, etc. THUILLIER, J. L. 742c an VII [1799] Digital version available
Medical botany, containing ... descriptions, with plates, of all the medicinal plants, ... comprehended in the catalogues of the materia medica, as published by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh, etc. WOODVILLE, William. 743 1790-1793 Digital version available