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Various subjects of natural history, wherein are delineated birds, animals and many curious plants ... A series of 43 plates, with descriptive letter-press. Miller, J. F. 1759-1796. 1224a 1776-82 Digital version available
An exposition of English Insects, etc.-Une exposition des insectes Anglois, etc. Eng. & Fr. Harris, Moses, 1730-approximately 1788. 1224* 1776 Digital version available
Caroli lib. bar. de Geer ... Genera et species insectorum ex ... Auctoris scriptis extraxit digessit, Latine quoad partem reddidit, et terminologiam insectorum, Linneanam addidit A. J. Retzius. GEER, Carl de, Baron. 1225c 1783 Digital version available
Dr. S.s abgekürzte Geschichte der Insecten nach dem Liñaeischen system. SULZER, Johann Heinrich, M.D. 1225 1776 Digital version available
The Aurelian's vade mecum, containing an English alphabetical and Linnæan systematical catalogue of plants, affording nourishment to butterflies, hawkmoths, and moths, in the state of caterpillar. With the Linnæan and ... English names of the insects. MARTIN, Matthew, Esq. 1227 1785 Digital version available
Museum Carlsonianum, in quo novas et selectas aves, coloribus ad vivum brevique descriptione illustratas exhibet Andreas Sparrman. Sparrman, Anders, 1748-1820. 1227b ex Typographia Regia 1786-1789 Digital version available
Ensayo de una historia de los peces y otras producciones marinas de la costa de Galícia, arreglado al sistema del caballero Cárlos Linneo. Con un tratado de las diversas pescas, y de las redes y aparejos con que se practican. CORNIDE DE SAAVEDRA, José Andrés. 1227c 1788 Digital version available
The figures, description, and history of exotic animals comprised under the classes Amphibia and Pisces of Linnæus. No. 1 and 2. WALCOTT, John, Botanist. 1228 1788 Digital version available
Insektologische Terminologie, oder Grundbegriffe der Insektenlehre durch Beispiele und Beobachtungen, nach dem System des Ritters von Linné erläutert ... Mit Kupfern. SCHMIEDLEIN, Gottfried Benedict. 1229a 1789 Digital version available
Genera insectorum Linnæi et Fabricii iconibus illustrata. Römer, J. J. 1763-1819. 1229 1789 Digital version available
The English entomologist, exhibiting all the coleopterous insects found in England. [With a general table in MS.] L.P. Martyn, Thomas, 1735-1825. 1230b 1792 Digital version available
Epitome Entomologiæ Fabricianæ, sive nomenclator entomologicus emendatus, sistens Fabriciani systematis cum Linnæano comparationem. [By G. F. Hentsch.] Fabricius, Johann Christian, 1745-1808. 1231b 1797 Digital version available
G. B. Schmiedlein's ... vollständiger Lehrbegriff der Entomologie, nach Anleitung der neuesten Ausgabe des Linneischen Natursystems. SCHMIEDLEIN, Gottfried Benedict. 1231a 1795 Digital version available
Versuch einer vollständigen Conchylien-Kenntniss nach Linnés System. SCHREIBERS, Carl Franz Anton von. 1231 1793 Digital version available
Natural history of the insects of India ... A new edition, brought down to the present state of the science ... by J. O. Westwood. [With coloured plates.] DONOVAN, Edward. 1232c H. G. Bohn 1842 Digital version available
Tal, om djur-kännedomens historia för Linnes tid. Hållet uti Kongl. Vetenskaps Academien den 28 Maji 1796. af Gustaf Paykull. Paykull, Gustaf von, 1757-1826. 1232 tryckt hos Joh. P. Lindh 1797 Digital version available
Natural history of the insects of China ... A new edition, brought down to the present state of the science ... by J. O. Westwood. [With coloured plates.] DONOVAN, Edward. 1232b H. G. Bohn 1842 Digital version available
An epitome of the natural history of the insects of China : comprising figures and descriptions of upwards of one hundred new, singular, and beautiful species; together with some that are of importance in medicine, domestic economy, &c. The figures are accurately drawn, engraved and coloured, from specimens of the insects; the descriptions are arranged according to the system of Linnæus; with references to the writings of Fabricius, and other systematic authors. / By E. Donovan. Donovan, E. 1768-1837. 1232a Printed for the author, by T. Bensley 1798 Digital version available
Monographia Apum Angliæ; or, an attempt to divide into their natural genera and families such species of the Linnean genus Apis as have been discovered in England. To which are prefixed some ... remarks upon the class Hymenoptera and a synoptical table of the nomenclature of the external parts of these insects. Kirby, William, 1759-1850. 1233a 1802 Digital version available
The natural history of British shells, including figures and descriptions of all the species hitherto discovered in Great Britain, systematically arranged in the Linnean manner, with scientific and general observations on each. DONOVAN, Edward. 1233* 1800-1804 Digital version available