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Kopia af Linnéporträttet i Versailles [1775] / Otto Gertz Gertz, Otto Daniel. 3343 1915 Digital version available
Linnéporträtt : Supplement / till Tycho Tullberg, Linnéporträtt (1907) /Förteckning sammanställd av Ingegerd Tullberg Beskow. Beskow, Ingegerd Tullberg, 1887- 3321a Almqvist & Wiksell 1967 Digital version available
Register till Linnéporträtt : Vid Uppsala universitets minnesfest p ̊a tv ̊ahundraårsdagen af Carl von Linnés födelse :å universitetets vägner af Tycho Tullberg 1907 : Med Supplement 1967. Förteckning sammanställd av Ingegerd Tullberg Beskow (Acta universitatis Upsaliensis. 14.) / Utarbetet av Ingegerd Tullberg Beskow, Karin Beskow Tainsh. Beskow, Ingegerd Tullberg. 3321b Boktryckeriaktiebolaget AB Thule 1969 Digital version available
Linnéporträtt : Vid Uppsala Universitets minnesfest på tvåhundraårsdagen af C. von Linnés födelse : a Universitetets vägnar / af T. Tullberg. Tullberg, Tycho, 1842-1920. 3321 1907 Digital version available
Linnélitteratur Hesselman, Henrik, b.1874 3304 1907 Digital version available
Catalogue of Portraits of Botanists exhibited in the Museums of the Royal Botanic Gardens / by J. D. Milner. Milner, James D. 3288 1906 Digital version available
On the original portraits of Linnaeus. Carruthers, William, 1830-1922. 3285 1906 Digital version available
Svensk-Amerikanerna deras materiella och andliga sträfvanden : anteckningar från en resa i Amerika företagen med understöd av svenska staten / af Carl Sundbeck. Sundbeck, Carl. 3281 Augustana Book Concern 1904 Digital version available
On the portraits of Linnaeus : presidential address by William Carruthers to the Linnean Society of London, May 24, 1889. Carruthers, William, 1830-1922. 3264 1891 Digital version available
[Collection of materials relating to the discovery of a certificate in the base of a Linnaeus statue in Chicago, found when the statue was moved]. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 3261a Digital version available
Teckningar ur Konung Gustaf IIIs : historia ... med text efter Posselt m. fl. Dahlström, Carl Andreas, 1806-1869. 3214a Typografiska Föreningen 1860 Digital version available
An introduction to the study of English botany : illustrated by thirty-seven plates / by George Banks. Banks, George, fl. 1823-1832. 3170 Longman, Hurst, Ress, Orme, and Brown ... and Byers ... 1823 Digital version available
Linnéstatyn : Efter F. Kjellbergs eskiss / [Af] L.D. [i.e. Lorens Henrik Segelcke Dietrichson]. Dietrichson, Lorens Henrik Segelcke. 3167 1880 Digital version available
Medical botany : or, history of plants in the materia medica of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin pharmacopœias. Arranged according to the Linnæan system. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 3166 E. Cox 1819-1821 Digital version available
A general view of the writings of Linnæus, ... with corrections, considerable additions, and memoirs of the author, ... to which is annexed the diary of Linnæus, written by himself, and now translated into English [by Carl Troilius], from the Swedish manuscript in the possession of the editor. Pulteney, Richard, 1730-1801. 3158 Printed for J. Mawman 1805 Digital version available
Förr och Nu : illustrerad läsning för hemmet. Bd. 1-2. 1870-1871. 3155a 1870-71 Digital version available
A new illustration of the sexual system of C. von Linnæus : comprehending, an elucidation of the several parts of the fructification : a prize dissertation on the sexes of plants ; a full explanation of the classes, and orders, of the sexual system ; and the Temple of Flora, or Garden of Nature, being picturesque, botanical, coloured plates, of select plants ... with descriptions. Thornton, Robert John, 1768?-1837. 3145 printed for the author by T. Bensley 1799-1807 Digital version available
[Carolus Linnaeus : in his Lapland Dress: photograph of Linnaeus portrait purchased by the Norton Arboretum in 1973.- Presented 1974.]. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 3143a Digital version available
Carlos Linneo (1707-1778) Dawson, Genevieve. 3130bbo 1957 Digital version available
Flora Britannica indigena : or plates of the indigenous plants of Great Britain: with their descriptions taken from Linnæus's Systema Naturæ .... / by John Walcott. Walcott, John, fl. 1778-1822. 3130 Printed and sold by S. Hazard ; sold also by B. White ... London, Fletcher at Oxford, Fletcher and Hodson at Cambridge, and by all other booksellers 1778 Digital version available