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Den Svenska Odlingens Stormän : Lefnadsteckningar för Skola och Hem ... III. Karl von Linné. Fries, Ellen. 2835 P.A. Nordstedt & Söner 1899 Digital version available
Complete catalogue of Linné's private collection of fishes, now in possession of the Linnean Society / with notes by A.C.L.G. Günther. Günther, Albert C. L. G. 1830-1914 3497 1899 Digital version available
Caroli Linnæi Hortus Uplandicus / med inledning och förklaringar af Th. M. Fries Fries, Theodor Magnus, 1832-1913. 236 Akademiska bokhandeln (C.J. Lundström) 1899 Digital version available
Catalogue of Linnean type-specimens of snakes in the Royal Museum in Stockholm / by L.G. Andersson Andersson, Lars Gabriel. 3496 1899 Digital version available
An index to the generic and trivial names of animals described by Linnaeus, in the 10th and 12th editions of his "Systema Naturae" / by Charles Davies Sherborn. Sherborn, Charles Davies, 1861-1942. 69 Dulau & Co. ;J. E. Cornish 1899 Digital version available
Dikter ... Femte samlingen. Snoilsky, Carl, 1841-1903. 2834 1897 Digital version available
Några blad ur Termometerns Historia, &c. Fries, Theodor Magnus, 1832-1913. 2833 1897 Digital version available
On the appendages of Trilobites [as noted by Linnaeus, 1759] / Sv. Leonk. [sic] Törnqvist Törnqvist, Sv. Leonh. 1840-1920 1020 Dulau 1896 Digital version available
Linnaeus on the appendages of Trilobites [a further letter] / Sv. Leonk. [sic] Törnqvist Törnqvist, Sv. Leonh. 1840-1920 1022 Dulau 1896 Digital version available
Linnean type-specimens of birds, reptiles, batrachians and fishes in the Zoological Museum of the R. University in Upsala / Revised by Einar Lönnberg. Lönnberg, Einar, 1865- 3495 Kungl. Boktrykeriet. P.A. Norstedt & Soner 1896 Digital version available
On a supposed discovery of the antennae of Trilobites by Linnaeus in 1759 / by C. E. Beecher Beecher, Charles Emerson, 1856-1904 1021 Geological Publishing 1896 Digital version available
Naturalists and their investigations. Linnaeus, Edward, Cuvier, Kingsley / George Day. Day, George 2830 S.W. Partridge 1895? Digital version available
Svenska stormän från fattiga hem : tjugofem lefnadsteckningar från olika områden af svensk odling. Tidander, Lars Gustaf Teodor, 1849-1917. 2831 A. Johnson 1895 Digital version available
Alcune lettere inedite dirette a Giovanni Antonio Scopoli / [Edited by G. de Cobelli.]. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio, 1723-1788. 2488a 1895 Digital version available
Frihetstidens odlingshistoria ur litteraturens häfder : 1718-1733, &c. Wrangel, Ewert Henrik Gabriel, 1846- 2830a C. W. K. Gleerup 1895 Digital version available
Linné i Chicago / [Av H. Wieselgren]. Christian Erikssons Linné i Art Institute, Chicago. Dit skänkt af P.S. Peterson af Rosehill. Eriksson, Christian. 2829 1894 Digital version available
Stora Svenska män ... I. Karl von Linné / [By E.C. Risberg.] Andra upplagan. Risberg, Emilia, 1815-1890 2730a 1894 Digital version available
Linnaea or Obolaria? / by Otto Kuntze ; [with a further note by] B. Daydon.Jackson. Kuntze, Otto, 1843-1907 291 1894 Digital version available
Ett originalbref af Linné [to Baron J. Fr. Preis. Sept. 22, 1752 / edited with notes by T. W. i.e. J. T. Westrin]. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 2540 1894 Digital version available
Caroli Linnæi Systema naturæ : Regnum animale / Caroli Linnæi Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 59 Sumptibus Guilielmi Engelmann 1894 Digital version available