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Remarks on the Linnaean orders of insects, forming a short and familiar introduction to the study of entomology. / By a member of the Manchester Natural History Society. [James Aspinall Turner] Turner, James Aspinall, 1797-1867 1240 Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1828 Digital version available
The Linnaean system of conchology, describing the orders, genera, and species of shells, arranged into divisions and families : with a view to facilitate the student's attainment of the science / by John Mawe Mawe, John, 1764-1829. 1239 Printed for and sold by the author ; and Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1823 Digital version available
Illustrations of the Linnæan genera of Insects / by W. Wood Wood, W. 1774-1857. 1238 W. Wood 1821 Digital version available
Index Testaceologicus : or a catalogue of shells, British and foreign, arranged according to the Linnean system : with the Latin and English names, references to figures and places where found / by W. Wood Wood, W. 1774-1857. 1237 W. Wood 1818 Digital version available
De Animalibus quibusdam e classe Vermium Linnæana in circumnavigatione Terrae : auspicante Comite N. Romanzoff Duce Ottone de Kotzebue annis 1815. 1816. 1817. 1818, peracta observatis Adalberto do Chamisso [de Boncourt]. Fasciculus primus. De Salpa. Chamisso, Adelbert von, 1781-1838 1237a Apud Ferd. Dümmlerum 1819 Digital version available
The elements of conchology : or natural history of shells : according to the Linnean system. With observations on modern arrangements, illustrated with nine coloured engravings / by Thomas Brown. Brown, Thomas, 1785-1862. 1236a Printed for Lackington, Allen, & Co. ... Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown ... John Murray ... Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh; and John Cumming ... Dublin. 1816 Digital version available
General conchology; : or, a description of shells, arranged according to the Linnean system, and illustrated with sixty plates, containing 260 figures of univalves and bivalves / by W. Wood Wood, W. 1774-1857. 1236 John Booth 1835 Digital version available
General conchology : or, a description of shells, arranged according to the Linnean system, and illustrated with plates, drawn and coloured from nature. Vol. 1 / by W. Wood Wood, W. 1774-1857. 1235 John Booth 1815 Digital version available
Vergleichende Uebersicht des Linneischen und einiger neuern zoologischen Systeme ... Nebst dem eingeschalteten Verzeichnisse der zoologischen Sammlung des Verfassers und den Beschreibungen neuer Thierarten, die in derselben vorhanden sind. Gravenhorst, Johann Ludwig Christian Carl, 1777-1857. 1234 Bey Heinrich Dieterich 1807 Digital version available
British Fauna, containing a compendium of the Zoology of the British Islands : arranged according to the Linnean System. Turton, William, 1762-1835. 1234a Printed by J. Evans 1807 Digital version available
Monographia apum Angliae : or, An attempt to divide into their natural genera and families, such species of the Linnean genus Apis as have been discovered in England :with descriptions and observations to which are prefixed some introductory remarks upon the class Hymenoptera, and a synoptical table of the nomenclature of the external parts of these insects / by William Kirby. Kirby, William, 1759-1850. 1233a printed for the author by J. Raw 1802 Digital version available
L'art d'empailler les oiseaux, contenant des principes nouveaux et sûrs pour leur conserver leurs formes et leurs attitudes naturelles, avec la méthode de les classer d'après le systême de Linné / par les citoyens Henon ..., et Mouton-Fontenille. Hénon, Jacques Marie. 1233b Chez Bruyset Ainé et Comp. an 10 (1802). Digital version available
The natural history of British Shells, including figures and descriptions of all the species hitherto discovered in Great Britain, systematically arranged in the Linnean manner, with scientific and general observations on each. Donovan, E. 1768-1837 1233* Printed for the author and for F. and C. Rivington 1799-1804 Digital version available
Tal om djur-kännedomens Historia före Linnés tid : h°allet vid Præsidii Nedläggande uti Kongl. Vetenskaps Academien den 28 Maji 1796 / af Gustaf Paykull Paykull, Gustaf von, Baron, 1757-1826. 1232 Tryckt hos Joh. P. Lindh 1797 Digital version available
Versuch einer vollständigen Conchylienkenntniss nach Linnes System / herausgegeben von Karl Schreibers Schreibers, Karl Franz Anton von, 1775-1852. 1231 bey Joseph Edlen v. Kurzbeck 1793 Digital version available
Observations sur les Coquilles, et sur quelques-uns des genres qu'on a établis dans l'ordre des vers testacés [with an appreciation of Linnæus] / par J. B. Lamarck. Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de, 1744-1829. 1230 Chez les Directeurs du Cercle Social 1792 Digital version available
Genera Insectorum Linnaei et Fabricii iconibus illustrata / Joanne Jacobo Roemer Römer, J. J. 1763-1819. 1229 Apud Henric. Steiner et Socios. 1789 Digital version available
The figures, description, and history of exotic animals, comprised under the classes Amphibia and Pisces of Linnæus / by John Walcott Walcott, John, fl. 1778-1822. 1228 Printed by W. Justins for the author 1788 Digital version available
The Aurelian's Vade Mecum, containing an English alphabetical, and Linnæan systematical catalogue of Plants, affording nourishment to butterflies, hawk-moths, and moths, in the state of caterpillar : With the Linnæan, and some of the best approved English names of the Insects. Collected from various authorities / by Matthew Martin Martin, Matthew, 1748-1838. 1227 printed by R. Trewman for the author 1785 Digital version available
Museum Carlsonianum, in quo novas et selectas Aves / coloribus ad vivum brevique descriptione illustratas, suasu et sumtibus generosissimi possessoris, exhibet Andreas Sparrman. Sparrman, Anders, 1748-1820. 1227b Ex Typographia Regia 1786-89 Digital version available