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A botanical arrangement of British plants : including the uses of each species, in medicine, diet, rural economy and the arts. With an easy introduction to the study of botany, &c., &c. Illustrated by copper plates. Withering, William (1741-1799) 675c G.G.J. & J. Robinson :J. Robson ;J. Balfour and C. Elliott 1787-92 Digital version available
A Sketch of a tour on the continent/ by James Edward Smith. Smith, James Edward, Sir (1759-1828) 3880 printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme [etc.] 1807 Digital version available
A New species of Lobostemon in the Linnean Herbarium. Brown, Nicholas Edward (1849-1934) 3516 1920 Digital version available
A Linnean herbarium in the Natural History Museum in Stockholm. i-ii. Lindman, C. A. M. (1856-1928) 3503 s.n] 1907-1909 Digital version available
A Linnaean keepsake : issued to commemorate the opening of the Strandell Collection of Linnaeana at the Hunt Botanical Library, Carnegie-Mellon University. Strandell, Birger Herman Erik (1901-1993) 3902 Hunt Botanical Library 1973 Digital version available
A Botanical nomenclator : containing a systematical arrangement of the classes, orders, genera, and species of plants as described in the new edition of Linnæsus's Systema naturæ, by Dr. Gmelin ... / by William Forsyth, Jr. Forsyth, William (1772-1835) 134 Printed for T. Cadell :P. Elmsly 1794 Digital version available
... Opium ... Linnaeus, Carl von (1707-1778) 2444 typis Edmannianis 1775 Digital version available
... Macellum olitorium ... Linnaeus, Carl von (1707-1778) 2134 literis direct. L. Salvii 1760 Digital version available
... Hortus upsaliensis / quem ... præsidio ... Doct. Caroli Linnæi ... ; publicæ disquisitioni subjicit Samuel Nauclér ... d. xvi decemb. anni mdccxlv. Linnaeus, Carl von (1707-1778) 1424 s.n 1745 Digital version available
... Fundamentum fructificationis ... Linnaeus, Carl von (1707-1778) 2214 1762 Digital version available
... Fructus esculenti ... / moderante Carolo von Linne ; publico scrutinio subjicit Johannes Salberg. Linnaeus, Carl von (1707-1778) 2233 1763 Digital version available
... Dissertatio de horticultura academica / quam ... præside ... Carolo Linnæo ... d. xviii decemb. MDCCLIV ; publico offert examini Johan. Gust. Wollrath ... Linnaeus, Carl von (1707-1778) 1838 Excud. L.M. Höjer 1754 Digital version available
... Arboretum-svecicum / quod ... praeside ... Dno Doct. Carolo Linné ... publico examini submittit ... David Davidis Pontin ... d. [xxx] junii anni mdcclix ... Linnaeus, Carl von (1707-1778) 2046 [s.n 1759] Digital version available