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Flora diaetetica; or, History of esculent plants : both domestic and foreign. In which they are accurately described, and reduced to their Linnaean generic and specific names. With their English names annexed ... And a particular account of the manner of using them ... The whole so methodized, as to form a short introduction to the science of botany ... Bryant, Charles ( -1799) 690 B. White 1783 Digital version available
Het leven van Linnaeus. Buekers, P. G. 2949 1907 Digital version available
Flora Indica : cui accedit series zoophytorum indicorum, and nec non prodromus florae capensis / Nicolai Laurentii Burmanni. Burman, Nikolaus Laurens (1734-1793) 650a Apud C. Haek ;Apud J. Schreuderum 1768 Digital version available
Through the fields with Linnaeus : a chapter in Swedish history / by Mrs. Florence Caddy. Caddy, Florence (1837- ) 2809 Longmans, Green, and co. 1887 Digital version available
La phytographie; ou, L'art de décrire les végétaux considérés sous différents points de vue, par Alph. de Candolle ... . Candolle, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus de (1806-1893) 2792 G. Masson 1880 Digital version available
An introduction to medical botany : comprehending the elements and glossology of botany; the Linnaean artificial and natural systems; the natural system of Jussieu, and several comprehensive tables of the properties, uses, and doses of medicinal plants / by Thomas Castle. Castle, Thomas (c1804-c1840) 840 E. Cox 1837 Digital version available
The Linnaean artificial system of botany, illustrated and explained : in three parts. Part I,Part II,Part III, Explanation of systematic terms.Description of the classes and orders, with references to plants.Rules for ascertaining the class and orders of plants / by Thomas Castle. Castle, Thomas (c1804-c1840) 845 Printed for E. Cox 1836 Digital version available
A synopsis of systematic Botany, &c. Castle, Thomas (c1804-c1840) 842c 1833 Digital version available
An introduction to medical botany; comprehending the elements and terminology of botany; the Linnaean artificial and natural systems; a comprehensive arrangement of medical plants and a table of English and Linnaean names. Castle, Thomas (c1804-c1840) 839 Cox 1831 Digital version available
Flore médicale décrite / par F. P. Chaumeton ... [et al.]. Chaumeton, François Pierre (1775-1819) 816 Panckoucke 1815-20 Digital version available
Fran stubbotan rot till anseligt trad : Linné 300 ar =From a stubborn root to a notable tree : Linné 300 years / Caroline Chevallier ; [graphic design, Xtina Wootz]. Chevallier, Caroline 4078 Uppsala Universitetsbiblioteks 2007 Digital version available
Histoire abrégée des plantes usuelles : contenant leurs différens noms latins, français et vulgaires, leur dose, leurs principales compositions en pharmacie, et la manière de s'en servir / par Pierre-Jean-Baptiste Chomel. Chomel, Pierre Jean Baptiste (1671-1740) 780 Masson; [etc., etc.] 1804 Digital version available
Naturforskeren Pehr Forsskål: hans rejse til Aegypten og Arabien 1761-63 og hans botaniske arbejder og samlinger ... Christensen, Carl (1872-1942) 2994 H. Hagerup 1918 Digital version available
Fundamenta botanica sive philosophiae botanicae explicatio / auctore Dominico Cyrillo. Cirillo, Domenico (1739-1799) 649* s.n 1785-87 Digital version available
Tabulae botanicae elementares quatuor priores : sive icones partium quae in fundamentis botanicis describuntur / auctore Dominico Cyrillo. Cirillo, Domenico (1739-1799) 734 s.n 1790 Digital version available
Manuel d'herborisation en Suisse et en Valais : regigé selon le systême de Linné, corrigé par ses propres principes. Avec l'indication d'un nouveau systême derivé également des principes de ce grand maître. Clairville, Joseph Philippe de (1742-1830) 795 Steiner-Ziegler 1811 Digital version available
Hortus anglicus : or, The modern English garden: containing a familiar description of all the plants which are cultivated in the climate of Great Britain, either for use or ornament, and of a selection from the established favourites of the stove and green-house; arranged according to the system of Linnaeus; with remarks on the properties of the more valuable species / by the author of "The British botanist" ... Clarke, Stephen Reynolds 823a Printed for F. C. & J. Rivington 1822 Digital version available
Nomenclator extemporaneus rerum naturalium : plantarum, insectorum, conchyliorum, secundam systema naturæ linnæanum / editus a Carol. Clerck. Clerck, Carl Alexander (1710-1765) 66 Typis L. L. Grefingii 1759 Digital version available
Flora Comense : disposta secondo il sistema di Linneo / dal professore Giuseppe Comolli ; a comodo dei medici degli speziali e de' dilettanti nelle escursioni botaniche. Comolli, Giuseppe (1780-1849) 842g C. Pietro Ostinelli 1834-1857 Digital version available
The Linnaeus Apostles : global science and adventure. Vol. 2, Book 2,Europe, Arctic, Asia / Johan Peter Falck ; editor-in-chief: Lars Hansen, general editors: Eivor Cormack, Ragnar Edberg, Per Sörbom. Cormack, Eivor Edberg, Ragnar Sörbom, Per, 1940-... 4008 IK Foundation 2007 Digital version available