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The Linnaeus apostles : global science & adventure. Vol. 6 : Europe, Southern Africa, East-, Southern- & Southeast Asia : Carl Peter Thunberg. THUNBERG, Carl Peter, 1743-1828. 4014 IK Foundation & Company 2007 Digital version available
The Linnaeus legacy. FORSBERG, Lars. 4116 Hera F�rlag 2007 Digital version available
The Linnaeus tradition and our time / Dag Hammarskjöld. HAMMARSKJÖLD, Dag, 1905-1961. 4549 Norstedt 1957 Digital version available
The Linnean Ichneumon types of the Stockholm Museum. ROMAN, A. (Abraham), 1872-. 4634 Almqvist & Wiksells Boktryckeri 1936 Digital version available
The Linnean species of Lamellicornia described in ''Systema Naturae'', Ed. X (1758). (Col.). LANDIN, Bengt-Olof, 1925-2006. 4626 Almqvist & Wiksells 1956 Digital version available
The Linnean types of Ichneumon flies. ROMAN, A. (Abraham), 1872-. 4633 Almqvist & Wiksells 1932 Digital version available
The animal Kingdom, or zoological system, of the celebrated Sir Charles Linnaeus; Class I. Mammalia [Class II. Birds]: containing a complete systematic description, arrangement, and nomenclature, of all the known species and varieties of the mammalia, or animals which give suck to their young; being a translation of that part of the Systema Naturae, as lately published, with great improvements, by Professor Gmelin of Goettingen.Together with numerous additions from more recent zoological writers, and illustrated with copperplates. LINNAEUS, Carl 122 J. Murray & R.Faulder 1792 Digital version available
The biographer's tale. BYATT, A. S. (Antonia Susan), 1936-. 4646 Chatto & Windus 2000 Digital version available
The chronicle of a ''Book''. GRIGG, E. R. N. (Emanuel R. N.), 1916-. 4643 s.n 1957 Digital version available
The classes and orders of the Linnaean system of botany. Illustrated by select specimens of foreign and indigenous plants. [By Richard Duppa]. LINNAEUS, Carl 804 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown 1816 Digital version available
The compleat naturalist : a life of Linnaeus / [by] Wilfrid Blunt ; introduction by William T. Stearn. BLUNT, Wilfrid, 1901-1987. 4028 Frances Lincoln 2001 Digital version available
The correspondence between Linnaeus and Johann Gesner. DE BEER, Gavin, Sir, 1899-1972. 4670 s.n 1949 Digital version available
The cyclopædia, or, universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature. REES, Abraham, 1743-1825. 2649 Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown ... 1819 [i.e. 1802]-1820. Digital version available
The early adventures of Carl Linnaeus. BERGSTROM, Maria. 3995 Sensus Studief�rbund 2007 Digital version available
The elements of botany: containing the History of the Science ... Being a translation of the Philosophia Botanica, and other treatises of the celebrated Linnaeus. To which is added, an appendix, wherein are described some plants lately found in Norfolk and Suffolk ... By Hugh Rose, Apothecary. LINNAEUS, Carl 470 T. Cadell 1775 Digital version available
The floral king : a life of Linnaeus / by Albert Alberg. ALBERG, Albert. 2814 W.H. Allen 1888 Digital version available
The garden : opera in two acts based on the novel by Magnus Florin / libretto and story [by] Leif Janzon ; stage adaptation [by] Åsa Melldahl ; English translation [by] Jon Berry ; music [by] Jonas Forssell. FLORIN, Magnus, 1955-. 4648 Drottningholm Court Theatre 1999 Digital version available
The genera Vermium exemplified by various specimens of the animals contained in the orders of the Intestina et Mollusca Linnaei. BARBUT, James. 108 [Printer] James Dixwell (for the author) 1783 Digital version available
The generic characters in the English Botany, collated with those of Linne. SALISBURY, Richard Anthony. 786 printer Bulmer & Co. 1806 Digital version available
The herpetological legacy of Linnaeus : A celebration of the Linnaean tercentenary : Proceedings of a symposium held on July 14, 2007. BELL, Christopher J. 4574 International Society for the History and Bibliography of Herpetology 2012 Digital version available