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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
Linnaeana Dohrn, C. A. 2739 1872, 1874 Digital version available
Linnaeana / comp. by G.A. Rudolph and Evan Williams. Rudolph, G. A. 4473 1970 Digital version available
Linnaeana i framlidne professor Otto Norstedts kvarlåtenskap Gertz, Otto D., 1878-1948 3711 1925 Digital version available
Linnaeana in Nederland aanwezig : tentoongesteld op 10 januari 1878 in het Koniklijk Zoölogisch genootschap "Natura artis magistra" te Amsterdam. Coster, D. J. 2765 Scheltema & Holkema 1878 Digital version available
Linnaei samlingar och manuscripter Hartman, Carl, 1824-1884 185 1850 Digital version available
Linnaei samlingar och manuscripter Hartman, Carl, 1824-1884 3457 1850 Digital version available
Linnaeus (afterwards Carl von Linné) : the story of his life, adapted from the Swedish of Theodor Magnus Fries, and brought down to the present time in the light of recent research, by Benjamin Daydon Jackson ... Jackson, Benjamin Daydon, 1846-1927 3799 1924 Digital version available
Linnaeus - prince of botanists Angus, Geo. A. 3096b 1929 Digital version available
Linnaeus / K.W. Gullers, Birger Strandell ; photo: K.W. Gullers .. Gullers, K. W., 1916-1998 4669 [Gullersproduktion] ;Gullers international cop. 1977 Digital version available
Linnaeus / door J. Valckenier Suringar Valckenier Suringar, J. 2959 Nijhoff 1908 Digital version available
Linnaeus / translated from the German by Denver Lindley Goerke, Heinz, 1917-2014 4026 Scribner cop. 1973 Digital version available
Linnaeus : (afterwards Carl von Linné) / by Benjamin Daydon Jackson. Jackson, Benjamin Daydon, 1846-1927 2846 1923 Digital version available
Linnaeus : nature and nation / Lisbet Koerner. Koerner, Lisbet 4018 Harvard University Press 1999 Digital version available
Linnaeus : progress and prospects in Linnaean research : [based on lectures held at the London-Uppsala-Stockholm symposium 1978 Research on Linnaeus - progress and prospects] / ed. by Gunnar Broberg. Broberg, Gunnar, 1942-2022 4202 Almqvist & Wiksell international ;Hunt inst. for botanical documentation A & W 1980 Digital version available
Linnaeus : the compleat naturalist / Wilfrid Blunt ; introduction by William T. Stearn. Blunt, Wilfrid, 1901-1987 4567 Frances Lincoln 2004 Digital version available
Linnaeus : the man and his work / Tore Frängsmyr, editor ; with contributions by Sten Lindroth .. Lindroth, Sten, 1914-1980 Frängsmyr, Tore, 1938-2017... 4774 Science History Publ./USA cop. 1994 Digital version available
Linnaeus als Geneesheer : voordracht gehouden op 12 juli 1903 te Zwolle voor de Ned. Vereeniging voor de Geschiedenis der Geneeskundige Wetenschappen. Ketel, B. A. van 999 1903 Digital version available
Linnaeus and Homo Religiosus : biological roots of religious awareness and human identity : proceedings from a conference at the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University, 30th of May-2nd of June 2007 in connection with the celebrations of the birth of Carl von Linnaeus / edited by Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm. Bråkenhielm, Carl-Reinhold, 1945- 4680 Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis :Uppsala University Library [distributör] University Printers 2009 Digital version available
Linnaeus and his garden / Gunnar Broberg, Allan Ellenius, Bengt Jonsell. Broberg, Gunnar, 1942-2022 4047 Swedish Linnaeus soc. [Sv. Linnésällsk.] Wikström 1983 Digital version available
Linnaeus and the Linnaeans : the spreading of their ideas in systematic botany, 1735-1789 / Frans A. Stafleu. Stafleu, Frans A. 4031 1971 Digital version available