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Allgemeines schwedisches Gelehrsamkeits-Archiv unter Gustafs des Dritten Regierung für das Jahr ... / von verschiedenen Gelehrten in Schweden ausgearbeitet, und herausgegeben von C. W. Lüdeke. 2605b 1781-1796 Digital version available
Ambrosiaca, quæ ... præside ... Carolo Linnæo ... pro gradu doctoris publico submittit examini ... Jacobus Hideen .. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 2044 s.n 1759 Digital version available
Amiral Carl Tersmedens memoarer. Från kadettåren. Utgifna af Nils Sjöberg. (I främmande land.-I Fredrik I:s Sverige. I sammandrag utgifna af Nils Erdmann.). TERSMEDEN, Carl. 2989 1912-16 Digital version available
Amoenitates academicae, seu dissertationes variæ physicæ, medicæ, botanicæ, antehac seorsim editæ, nunc collectæ et auctæ cum tabulis æneis. Accedit hypothesis nova de febrium intermittentium causa. [Edited by Petrus Camper.] Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 1338 Apud Cornelium Haak 1749 Digital version available
Amoenitates academicæ; seu dissertationes variæ, physicæ medicæ, botanicæ, antehac seorsim editæ, nunc collectæ et auctæ. Cum tabulis ænæis ... Editio secunda revisa et aucta. [Edited by Linnæus.] Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 1287 Impensis Laurentii Salvii 1762, 59-69. Digital version available
Amphibia Gyllenborgiana, dissertatione academica ... præside ... Carolo Linnæo ... descripta et publico examini subjecta a Barth. Rudolpho Hast .. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 1413 s.n 1745 Digital version available
An English index to the plants of India. Piddington, Henry, 1797-1858. 842bg 1832 Digital version available
An Introduction to Botany : in a Series of Familiar Letters with illustrative engravings / Priscilla Wakefield. Wakefield, Priscilla. 760b Darton and Harvey 1803 Digital version available
An address to the Citizens of Hartford on the birthday of Linnæus, ... in behalf of the objects of the Natural History Society, etc. JARVIS, Samuel Farmar. 2688c 1836 Digital version available
An encyclopædia of plants; comprising ... every ... particular respecting all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain. ... Edited by J. C. Loudon ... the drawings by J. D. C. Sowerby ... the engravings by R. Branston. (First additional supplement ... comprising ... all the plants originated in, or introduced into, Britain, between ... 1829, and ... 1840 ... prepared by W. H. Baxter ... and revised by G. Don.). Loudon, J. C. 1783-1843. 837a 1829[-40] Digital version available
An epitome of Lamarck's arrangement of Testacea: being a free translation of that part of his work, De l'histoire naturelle des animaux sans vertèbres. With illustrative observations, and comparative and synoptic tables of the systems of Linnæus and Lamarck. By C. Dubois. Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de, 1744-1829. 165 1824 Digital version available
An epitome of the natural history of the insects of China : comprising figures and descriptions of upwards of one hundred new, singular, and beautiful species; together with some that are of importance in medicine, domestic economy, &c. The figures are accurately drawn, engraved and coloured, from specimens of the insects; the descriptions are arranged according to the system of Linnæus; with references to the writings of Fabricius, and other systematic authors. / By E. Donovan. Donovan, E. 1768-1837. 1232a Printed for the author, by T. Bensley 1798 Digital version available
An epitome of the second edition of Hortus Kewensis [by William Aiton] ... To which is added, a selection of esculent vegetables and fruits cultivated in the Royal Gardens at Kew. Aiton, William Townsend, 1766-1849. 802h Longman & Co. 1814 Digital version available
An essay towards a system of mineralogy ... Translated ... with annotations, and an additional treatise on the blow-pipe. By Gustav von Engestrom ... The second edition, greatly enlarged and improved, by the addition of the modern discoveries; and by a new arrangement of the articles, by John Hyacinth de Magellan, etc. [Revised, with notes, by Emmanuel Mendes da Costa.] CRONSTEDT, Axel Fredrik. 3954 Charles Dilly 1788 Digital version available
An essay towards a system of mineralogy ... Translated, from the original Swedish, with notes, by G. von Engestrom. To which is added, a Treatise on the pocket-laboratory, containing an easy method ... for trying mineral bodies, written by the translator. The whole revised and corrected, with some additional notes, by E. Mendes da Costa. CRONSTEDT, Axel Fredrik. 1025f Edward & Charles Dilly 1770[-1772] Digital version available
An exposition of English Insects, etc.-Une exposition des insectes Anglois, etc. Eng. & Fr. Harris, Moses, 1730-approximately 1788. 1224* 1776 Digital version available
An illustration of the sexual system of Linnæus. (An illustration of the Termini botanici of Linnæus.). Miller, John, 1715-1790? 669 1779-89 Digital version available
An index to the generic and trivial names of animals, described by Linnæus, in the 10th and 12th editions of his 'Systema naturæ'. Sherborn, Charles Davies, 1861-1942. 86 1899 Digital version available
An introduction to botany ... The tenth edition. To which is added an appendix, containing a short introduction to the natural arrangement of plants. WAKEFIELD, Priscilla. 760d Harvey & Darton, etc. 1831 Digital version available
An introduction to botany, containing an explanation of the theory of that science, and an interpretation of its technical terms, extracted from the works of Linnæus ... With ... an appendix containing upwards of two thousand English names of plants ... By James Lee. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 455 1765 Digital version available