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Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778
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Caroli Linnaei ... Systema naturae sistens regna tria naturae in classes et ordines genera et species redacta, tabulisque aeneis illustrata. Accedunt vocabula Gallica
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Soulsby no. 57a

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Apud Theodorum Haak
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Lugduni Batavorum
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Editio multo auctior & emendatior [9th ed.]/ [by J. F. Gronovius].
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[6], 227, [27], [2] p. : 8 pls. ; 21 cm.
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1. Quadrupedia [pp. 2-15]:- 34 genera. I. Anthropomorpha.- Homo, 1 sp.; Simia, 16 spp.; Bradypus, 2 spp. [3 genera] II. Ferae.- Ursus 2, Felis 8, Mustela 9, Lutra 2, Canis 7, Phoca 2, Meles 3, Erinaceus 2, Dasypus 7, Talpa 2, Vespertilio 5 [11 genera]. III. Ord. Agriae [not in eds. i-v].- Myrmecophaga 3, Nanis 1 [2 genera]. IV. Glires.- Hystrix 4, Sciurus 3, Lepus 4, Castor 3, Mus 11, Sorex 1, Didelphis 2 [7 genera]. V. Jumenta.- Elephas 1, Rhinoceros 2, Hippopotamus 1, Equus 3, Sus 4 [5 genera]. VI. Pecora.- Camelus 21, Moschus 1, Cervus 6, Capra 11, Ovis 3, Bos 4 [6 genera].
NHM GENERAL - From the library of Thomas Pennant [1726-1798]. Bookplate on front endpaper. Bookplate of Basil Soulsby on back endpaper.
Title history:
Based on the 7th edition (Lipsiae, 1748), with some additions, as to Fishes by the editor, Insects from the works of R. A. F. de Réamur and Baron Carl de Geer, Plants by Linnaeus himself. The German names are replaced by French. At the end is bound in: Catalogus Librorum, qui prostant in Officina Theodori Haak.
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In Latin with French names.
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Gronovius, Johannes Fridericus,
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By permission of the Trustees of The Natural History Museum (London).
NHM GENERAL - Presented by Basil Soulsby 29.i.1931. Wheldon & Wesley £2
NHM GENERAL - Lettered 11.iii.1931. 3/6.