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Title Author Soulsby Publisher Year
Linnéminnena i Uppsala och pa Hammarby / vägvisare av Rutger Sernander och Arvid Hj. Uggla. Sernander, Rutger 1866-1944 4394 Almquist & Wiksells 1946 Digital version available
Correspondance de Linné père et fils avec André Thouin, jardinier en chef du Jardin du Roi : avec notices biographiques sur Linné, Thouin, les Richard, Dombey et Commerson / par G. Bertemes. Bertemes, G. 4450 1935 Digital version available
Caroli Linnaei ... Species Plantarum. 2 / with an supplement by C.E. Jarvis to the appendix by J.I. Heller and W.T. Stearn. Jarvis, Charles Edward 1954- Heller , J. I. Stearn, William T.... 4572 2014 Digital version available
On a manuscript list of the Linnean Herbarium in the handwriting of Carl von Linné, presumably compiled in the year 1755 : to which is appended a catalogue of the genera in the Herbarium, with the numbers of sheets of specimens ; prepared for the anniversary meeting of the Linnean Society of London, 24th May, 1907, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Carl von Linné / by Benjamin Daydon Jackson. Jackson, Benjamin Daydon 1846-1927 3491/2 Linnean Soc. 1907 Digital version available
Demonstrationes plantarum in Horto Upsaliensi MDCCLIII / praeside ... Carolo Linnaeo ... proposuit Johannes Christ. Höjer. Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 1293/48 Salvius 1764 Digital version available
Flora anglica / sub praesidio ... Car. Linnaei ... proposita ab Isaac Olai Grufberg. Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 1296/55 Salvius 1759 Digital version available
Herbarium Amboinense / sub praesidio ... Car. Linnaei ... proposuit Olavus Stickman. Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 1296/56 Salvius 1759 Digital version available
Centuria I. plantarum / praeside ... Car. Linnaeo ... proposita a Abrah. D. Juslenio. Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 1296/62 Salvius 1759 Digital version available
Anthropomorpha / praeside ... Car. Linnaeo ... proposuit Christianus Emmanuel Hoppius. Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 1304/105 Salvius 1763 Digital version available
Fructus esculenti / praeside ... Car. von Linné ... proposuit Johannes Salberg. Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 1304/119 Salvius 1763 Digital version available
Planta cimicifuga / praeside ... Car. v. Linné ... proposuit Johannes Hornborg. Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 1312/162 Palm 1785 Digital version available