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Principios de botanica, sacados de los mejores escritores, y puestos en lengua castellana ... Parte primera. Con las estampas necesarias. BARNADES, Miguel. 649c 1767 Digital version available
Linné i Upsala och i Amsterdam. Skizz ... med ... illustrationer. GERARD, Claude, pseud. [i.e. Aurora Louisa Ljungstedt] 2768 1877 Digital version available
Dictionarium botanicum, oder botanisches lateinisches und deutsches (& deutsches und lateinisches) Handwörterbuch ... nach dem Linneischen System. [The preface signed, D. C. F. R. d. A. o. L., i.e. Christian Friedrich Reuss.] R., D. C. F., d. A. o. L. 682 1781 Digital version available
The flora of insects. FORSSKAHL, Jonas Gustav. 1714 Digital version available
Notions elémentaires de botanique. Avec l'explication d'une carte composée pour servir aux Cours publies de l'Academie de Dijon. DURANDE, Jean François. 681e 1781 Digital version available
Caroli Linnæi opera hactenus inedita ... Flora Dalekarlica / Ad verba Linnæi, propria manu scripta, accuratissime expressam curavit et commentationibus adjectis edidit Ewaldus A̤hrling. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 249 A. Bohlin 1873 Digital version available
Table des planches enluminéez d'histoire naturelle de M. D'Aubenton. Avec les denominations de M.M. de Buffon, Brisson, Edwards, Linnæus et Latham. Précédé d'une notice des principaux ouvrages zoologiques enluminés. Boddaert, Pieter, approximately 1730-1795 or 1796. 145f 'The Field' 1874 Digital version available
Two thousand years of science. The wonders of nature and their discoveries, etc. GIBSON, Robert John Harvey. 3096c A. & C. Black 1929 Digital version available
Jag tänker på Linné : han som såg allt / Karin Berglund. Berglund, Karin, 1937- 3986 A. Bonniers 2007 Digital version available
[A new family herbal, etc.] Brook's Family herbal ... Seventy-second thousand. BROOK, Richard, Botanist. 879* A. C. Bonsall 1887 Digital version available
The conchologist's text-book, embracing the arrangements of Lamarck and Linnaeus, with a glossary of technical terms / Thomas Brown. Brown, Thomas. 168 A. Fullarton 1839 Digital version available
The conchologist's text-book, embracing the arrangements of Lamarck and Linnæus, with a glossary of technical terms. To which is added a brief account of the mollusca. Sixth edition [of the work by Thomas Brown], corrected and enlarged by William Macgillivray, etc. Brown, Thomas, 1785-1862. MacGillivray, William, 1796-1852. 169 A. Fullarton & Co 1845 Digital version available
The conchologist's text-book, embracing the arrangments of Lamarck and Linnæus, with a glossary of technical terms, etc. Brown, Thomas, 1785-1862. 167 A. Fullarton & Co 1833 Digital version available
Musa Cliffortiana : = Clifford's banana plant / Carl Linnaeus ; translated into English by Stephen Freer ; with an introduction by Staffan Müller-Wille. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 4077 A. R. G. Gantner Verlag K. G. 2007 Digital version available
Codex botanicus linnaeanus / edited by John Edmondson. Vol. 1 / by Hermann E. Richter ; with a biographical sketch by H. Walter Lack ; and a translation of the introductory text by Sten Hedberg. Richter, Hermann E. 4126 A.R.G. Gantner 2003 Digital version available
Linné och Uppsala : glimtar från en tid av kamp och framgångar / [av] Bertil Gullander. Gullander, Bertil. 4349 AWE/Gebers 1978 Digital version available
Hortus Americanus: containing an account of the trees, shrubs, and other vegetable productions, of South-America and the West-India Islands, and particularly of the Island of Jamaica, etc. [Edited by Alexander Aikman.] BARHAM, Henry. 754* Alexander Aikman 1794 Digital version available
Principia botanica; or, A concise and easy introduction to the sexual botany of Linnæus, etc. [The preface signed: R. W. D., i.e. Robert W. Darwin, the elder.] DARWIN, Robert Waring, the Elder. 714 Allin & Co 1787 Digital version available
Homo sapiens L : studier i Carl von Linnés naturuppfattning och människolära... / [av] Gunnar Broberg. Broberg, Gunnar, 1942-2022. 3891 Almquist & Wiksell i distribution 1975 Digital version available
Lachesis and Nemesis : four chapters on the human condition in the writings of Carl Linnæus. Wikman, K. Robert V. 1886-1975. 3916 Almqvist & Wiksell 1970 Digital version available