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Lignum colubrinum leviter delineatum, etc. Praes. Carl Linnæus. DARELLI, Johan Anders af. 1290/21 1787 Digital version available
Loudon's Hortus Britannicus. A catalogue of all plants, indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain. Part I. The Linnean arrangement [by G. Don]. ... Part II. The Jussieuean arrangement. ... A new edition, with supplements including all the new plants down to March, 1839. ... Edited by J. C. L. Loudon, J. C. 1783-1843. 838e 1839 Digital version available
Om Linne's betydelse i botanikens historia, etc. Agardh, Jacob Georg, 1813-1901. 2763 1878 Digital version available
Specimen academicum, sistens miracula insectorum. Praes. C. Linnaeus. Avelin, Gabriel Emanuel. 1295/44 1787 Digital version available
D. de G. ... Elementa botanica, methodo ... Linnæi accomodata, etc. GORTER, David de. 265 1749 Digital version available
D. J. H. K. ... Botanica in originali seu Herbarium virum in quo plantarum ... peculiari quadam ... enchiresi atramento impressorio obductarum nominibusque suis ad methodum ... Linnæi et Ludwigii insignitarum ... Ectypa exhibentur opera et studio J. G. Trampe. [With descriptions and prefaces to some of the parts by F. W. von Leyser.] (Index universalis in omnes XII centurias, etc.). KNIPHOF, Johann Hieronymus. 637dd 1757-67 Digital version available
Resp. Culina mutata. OESTERMAN, Magnus G. 1986 1788 Digital version available
Resp. Dissertatio fundamenta valetudinis sistens ... Præs. ... C. Linnæo. ENGSTRÖM, Petrus. 1917 1756 Digital version available
The botanist's companion; or, an Introduction to the knowledge of practical botany and the uses of plants ... growing ... in Great Britain. SALISBURY, William, Horticulturist. 806 1816 Digital version available
Des Ritters C. von Linné ... vollständiges Natursystem des Mineralreichs, nach der zwölften lateinischen Ausgabe, in einer freyen und vermehrten Uebersetzung, von J. F. Gmelin ... Nebst ... Kupfertafeln. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 100 1777-79 Digital version available
Reliquiæ Rudbeckianæ, sive Camporum Elysiorum libri primi, olim ab Olao Rudbeckio, patre et filio, Upsaliæ anno 1702 editi, quæ supersunt, adjectis nominibus Linnæanis. Accedunt aliæ quædam icones hactenus ineditæ, cura J. E. Smith. RUDBECK, Olof, the Elder and RUDBECK (Olof) the Younger. 732 1789 Digital version available
Obstacula medicinæ, etc. BEYERSTEN, Johannes Georgius. 1295/33 1787 Digital version available
C. L. ... Systema naturæ, etc. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 62 1766-68 Digital version available
Fundamenta botanica, prælectionibus publicis accommodata. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio, 1723-1788. 691b 1783 Digital version available
The families of plants, with their natural characters according to the number, figure, situation, and proportion of all the parts of fructification. Translated [by Erasmus Darwin] from the last edition (as published by Dr Reichard) of the Genera plantarum and of the Mantissæ plantarum of the elder L., and from the Supplementum plantarum of the younger Linneus, with all the new families of plants from Thunberg and L'Heritier. By a Botanical Society at Lichfield. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 321 1787 Digital version available
Suturæ vulnerum, etc. BOECLER, Christianus Ernestus. 1315/182 1785 Digital version available
Hortus suburbanus Londinensis: or a catalogue of plants cultivated in the neighbourhood of London; ... with the addition of the natural orders to which they belong, references to books where they are described, etc. Sweet, Robert. 812a 1818 Digital version available
Resp. Dissertatio de materia medica in regno animali ... Præs. C. Linnæo, etc. SIDREN, Jonas. 1608 1762 Digital version available
Ad memoriam primi sui præsidis ejusdemque e conditoribus suis unius Caroli Linnæi opus illud, quo primum Systema naturæ per tria regna dispositæ explicavit Regia Academia Scientiarum Svecica biseculari natali auctoris denuo edidit. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 3143 1907 Digital version available
The genera of fishes ... with the accepted type of each. A contribution to the stability of scientific nomenclature. By D. S. Jordan, assisted by B. W. Evermann. Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931. 1263a 1917-20 Digital version available