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Vergleichende Uebersicht des Linneischen und einiger neuern zoologischen Systeme, etc. GRAVENHORST, Johann Ludwig Carl. 1234 1807 Digital version available
British fauna, containing a compendium of the zoology of the British Islands; arranged according to the Linnean system. TURTON, William, M.D. 1234a 1807 Digital version available
General conchology; or, a description of shells, arranged according to the Linnean system, and illustrated with plates, drawn and coloured from nature. WOOD, William, F.R.S. 1235 John Booth 1815 Digital version available
The elements of conchology; or, Natural history of shells: according to the Linnean system, etc. Brown, Thomas, 1785-1862. 1236a Lackington, Allen & Co 1816 Digital version available
Index testaceologicus; or a catalogue of shells, British and foreign, arranged according to the Linnæan system; with the Latin and English names, references to figures, and places where found. WOOD, William, F.R.S. 1237 Printed by Richard and Arthur Taylor, for W. Wood 1818 Digital version available
De animalibus quibusdam e classe vermium Linnæana in circumnavigatione terræ, duce Ottone de Kotzebue, annis 1815. 1816. 1817. 1818. peracta observatis ... Fasciculus primus. De Salpa. [With a plate.] Chamisso, Adelbert von, 1781-1838. 1237a 1819 Digital version available
Illustrations of the Linnæan genera of insects. WOOD, William, F.R.S. 1238 W. Wood 1821 Digital version available
The Linnaean system of conchology : describing the orders, genera, and species of shells, arr. into divisions and families; with a view to facilitate the student's attain. of the sci. / John Mawe. Mawe, John. 1239 The author 1823 Digital version available
J. v. d. H. Oratio de aucta et emendata zoologia post Linnaei tempora, etc. HOEVEN, Jan van der, Professor at Leyden. 1241h 1843 Digital version available
The entertaining naturalist ... A new edition [of the work originally written by Thomas Boreman], revised, enlarged, and completed ... by Mrs. Loudon. Boreman, Thomas, active 18th century. 1241d Henry G. Bohn 1850 Digital version available
[A description of three hundred animals.] The entertaining naturalist, being popular descriptions, tales and anecdotes of more than five hundred animals ... Illustrated by upwards of three hundred and fifty ... figures, finely engraved in wood by Bewick, Harvey, Whimper, and others. A new edition [of the work originally written by Thomas Boreman], revised, enlarged, and completed ... by Mrs Loudon. Boreman, Thomas, active 18th century. 1241c* Henry G. Bohn 1843 Digital version available
Mrs. Loudon's Entertaining naturalist ... A new edition, revised and enlarged by W. S. Dallas. Boreman, Thomas, active 18th century. 1241e Bell & Daldy 1867 Digital version available
The coleopterist's manual : part the second, containing the predaceous land and water beetles of linneus and fabricius / F. W. Hope. Hope, F. W. 1241a Bohn 1838 Digital version available
George Cuvier's Briefe an C. H. Pfaff aus den Jahren 1788 bis 1792, naturhistorischen, politischen und literarischen Inhalts. Nebst einer biographischen Notiz über G. Cuvier von C. H. Pfaff. Herausgegeben von Dr. W. F. G. Behn. [With a portrait of Cuvier.] Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832. 1242b 1845 Digital version available
Ipsa Linnæi Conchylia. The shells of Linnæus determined from his manuscripts and collections. ... Also, an exact reprint of the Vermes Testacea of the “Systema naturæ” and “Mantissa.”. Hanley, Sylvanus, 1819-1899. 1243 1855 Digital version available
Kort framställning af zoologins historia före Linné. ANDERSEN, Carl Herman Wilhelm. 1244 1861 Digital version available
Catalogue of the species contained in the genus Buprestis of Linneus, previous to its subdivision by Eschscholtz in 1829, referring each to its present genus. Saunders, Edward, 1848-1910. 1246a 1870 Digital version available
Pinacographia. Illustrations of more than 1000 species of North-West-European Ichneumonidae sensu Linnaeano. Afbeeldingen van meer dan 1000 soorten van Noordwest-Europeesche Sluipwespen, etc. Dutch and Eng. VOLLENHOVEN, Samuel Constant Snellen van. 1248a 1880 Digital version available
Recensio orthopterorum. Revue critique des orthoptères décrits par Linné, de Geer et Thunberg. STǍL, Carl. 1248 1873-75 Digital version available
Darwin-Settegast, trasformisti, Linneo-Sanson, non trasformisti, e le leggi dell'ereditarietà ... con nuove ipotesi fisio-embriologiche ... sulla determinazione paterna e materna del sesso ... nell'uomo e negli animali. Boschetti, Federico. 1248d 1890 Digital version available