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A catalogue of the works of Linnaeus issued in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus 1707-1778 Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 4461 Sandbergs Bokhandel 1957 Digital version available
History of European Botanical Discoveries in China by E. Bretschneider Bretschneider, Emil 1833-1901 881 Sampson Low, Marston and Company 1898 Digital version available
History of European Botanical Discoveries in China by E. Bretschneider Bretschneider, Emil 1833-1901 489 Sampson Low, Marston and Company 1898 Digital version available
The Bradley bibliography : A guide to the literature of the woody plants of the world published before the beginning of the twentieth century Index of authors and titles subject index by Alfred Rehder Rehder, Alfred 3698 Riverside Press 1918 Digital version available
Flora Tonbrigensis; or a Catalogue of Plants growing Wild in the Neighbourhood of Tonbridge Wells by T.F. Forster Forster, T.F. 804a Richard & Arthur Taylor 1816 Digital version available
Catalogus plantarum Americae septentrionalis, huc usque cognitarum indigenarum et cicurum A catalogue of the hitherto know native and naturalized plants of North America arranged according to the sexual system of Linnaeus. By Henry Muhlenberg ... Muhlenberg, Gotthilf Henri Ernest 1753-1815 802g Published by Solomon W. Conrad 1818 Digital version available
An illustration of the sexual system of Linnaeus by Iohn Miller Miller, John 1715-1790 Mueller, Johann Sebastian 1715-1790 669 Published as the Act directs, & sold at the authors house 1779-1789 Digital version available
New illustration of the sexual system of Carolus von Linnaeus : comprehanding an elucidation of the several parts of the fructification; a prize dissertation on the sexes of plants; a full explanation of the classes, and orders, of the sexual system; and the temple of flora, or garden of nature, being picturesque, botanical, coloured plates, of select plants, illustrative of the same, with descriptions by Robert John Thornton ... Thornton, Robert John 1768-1837 772 Printed for the publisher by T. Bensley 1807 Digital version available
Flora Britannica Indigena: or Plates of the indigenous plants of Great Britian: with their descriptions taken from Linnaeus's Systema Naturae: to which are added their English names paces of Growth, and times of flowering. By John Walcott, Esq. Walcott, John fl.1778-1822 Collyer, Joseph 1748-1827 Linné, Carl von 1707-1778 Hibbart, William fl.1778 3966 Printed for the author, by S. Hazard and sold by James Mathews, Fletcher, Flitcher and Hodson, S. Hazard and all other booksellers 1778 Digital version available
Eden or a compleat body of gardening. Containing plain and familiar directions for raising the several useful products of a garden, fruits, roots and herbage from the practice of the most successful gardeners and the result of a long experience ... Compiled and digested from the papers of the late celebrated Mr. Hale by the authors of the compleat body of husbandry. Hill, John 1716-1775 Hale, Thomas Edwards, C. Vanhuysum Darly, Matthew fl.1754-1778 Cole, B. 1730-57 Alton, Ed. Philips, Jan Caspar 1700-1773 637d Printed for T. Osborn, T. Trye, S. Crownder and H. Woodgate 1757 Digital version available
Guilielmi Hudsoni ... Flora anglica exhibens plantas per regnum britanniae sponte crescentes, distributas secundum systema sexuale cum differentiis specierum, synonymis auctorum, nominibus incolarum, solo locorum, tempore florendi, officinalibus pharmacopeorum Hudson, William 1730-1793 643d Printed for R. FaulderWM. Otridge and sonR. LeaE. Jeffery; Ogilvie and son; J. Cuthell; Lackington; Allen, and co. Vernor and Hood; J. Walker; and J. Nunn 1798 Digital version available
Letters on the elements of botany addressed to a Lady, By the celebrated J.J. Rousseau. Translated into English, with notes, and twenty-four additional letters, fully explaining the system of Linnaeus, By Thomas Martyn ... Martyn, Thomas 1735-1825 Rousseau, Jean Jacques 1712-1778 707 Printed for John White 1807 Digital version available
An introduction to botany containing an explanation of the theory of that science; extracted from the works of Dr. Linnaeus; with twelve copper-plates, two explanatory tables, an appendix and glossary. By James Lee ... Lee, James 1715-1795 456 Printed for J.F. and C. Rivington, L. Davis, B. White, S. Crowder, G. Robinson, T. Cadell and R. Baldwin 1776 Digital version available
Thirty-eight plates with explanations; intended to illustrate Linnaeus's system of vegetables, and particulary adapted to the Letters on the elements of botany. By Thomas Martyn ... Martyn, Thomas 1735-1825 Nodder, Frederick P. fl.1789-1800 594 Printed for J. White 1799 Digital version available
The botanic garden. A poem in two parts. Part I. containing the economy of vegetation. Part II. The loves of the plants. With philosophical notes. Darwin, Erasmus 1731-1802 Fuseli, H. Smith, Anker 729 Printed for J. Johnson 1795 Digital version available
Flora Scotica or a systematic arangement in the Linnaean method of the native plantes of Scotland and the Hebrides. By John Lightfoot Lightfoot, John 1735-1788 Griffiths, Moses 1743-1819 Mazell, Peter (fl. 1755-1780) Sowerby, James 1757-1822 Smith, Gabriel 1724-1783 Robertson 678b Printed for B. White 1777 Digital version available
The classes and orders of the linnean system of botany illustrated by select specimens of foreign and indigenous plants Duppa, Richard 1770-1831 804 Printed by T. Bensley, for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown 1816 Digital version available
Monandrian plants of the order Scitamineae chiefly drawn from living specimens in the botanic garden at Liverpool. Arranged according to the system of Linnaeus with descriptions and observations by William Roscoe ... Roscoe, William 1753-1831 Allport, Thomas fl.ca1830 Miller, Rebecca fl.ca1825 Roscoe, Margaret Dixon, Mrs James fl.1824/1828 Yates, Ellen fl.1825 Fletcher, Emily fl.1824-1828 Waln, Mary fl.1824-1828 835b Printed by George Smith 1828 Digital version available
The life of sir Charles Linnaeus ... to which is added a copious list of his works, and a biographical sketch of the life of his son: by D.H. Stoever, Ph. D. Translated from the original german by Joseph Trapp, A.M. Stoever, Dietrich Heinrich 1767-1822 Head, J. Trapp, Joseph 2627 Printed by E. Hobson for B. and J. White 1794 Digital version available
Medical botany containing systematic and general descriptions with plates of all the medicinal plants, indigenous and exotic, comprehended in the catalogues of the materia medica, as published by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh. Accompanied with a circumstantial detail of their medicinal effects and of the diseases in which they have been most successfully employed. By William Woodville. Woodville, William 1752-1805 Sowerby, James 1757-1822 743 Printed and sold for the author by James Phillips 1790-1794 Digital version available