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Letters on the elements of botany, addresses to a lady, / by the celebrated J. J. Rousseau. Translated into English, with notes, and twenty-four additional letters, fully explaining the system of Linnaeus, by Thomas Martyn ... . The seventh edition, with corrections and improvements. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 707 1807 Digital version available
Letters on the elements of botany. Addressed to a lady. By the celebrated J. J. Rousseau. Translated into English, with notes ... by Thomas Martyn ... The fourth edition, with corrections and improvements Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 704 1794 Digital version available
Adriani van Royen ... Florae Leydensis prodromus, exhibens plantas quae in horto academico Lugduno-Batavo aluntur. Royen, Adrian van, 1704-1779 3611 1740 Digital version available
Linnaeana / comp. by G.A. Rudolph and Evan Williams. Rudolph, G. A. 4473 1970 Digital version available
Scandinavians who have contributed to the knowledge of the flora of North America / by Per Axel Rydberg. Report on a geological survey of the lands belonging to the New York and Texas Land Company, Ltd., in the upper Rio Grande embayment in Texas / by Johan August Udden Rydberg, Per Axel, 1860-1931. 2918 1907 Digital version available
Genera insectorum Linnæi et Fabricii iconibus illustrata a Joanne Jacobo Roemer Römer, Johann Jakob, 1763-1819 1229 1789 Digital version available
Linné et les fièvres intermittentes / par J. Sabrazès Sabrazès, Jean 1000a 1918? Digital version available
Linnés talspråk Sahlgren, Jöran, 1884-1971 3020 1920 Digital version available
Linnés bildspråk: några anteckningar/ av Jöran Sahlgren Sahlgren, Jöran, 1884-1971 38 Carl Bloms Boktryckeri 1924 Digital version available
Ett Linnébibliotek : några reflexioner och anteckningar / av Jöran Sahlgren. Sahlgren, Jöran, 1884-1971 3710 Svenska Linné-sällskapet 1923 Digital version available
Linné som predikant : föredrag vid Svenska Linné-sällskapets sammankomst den 12 november 1921 Sahlgren, Jöran, 1884-1971 3044 Förf 1922 Digital version available
Inbjudningsskrift till den fest, med hvilken kongl. universitetet i Upsala kommer att fira minnet af Carl von Linné på hundrade årsdagen af hans död / af universitetets rektor [C. Y. Sahlin]. Sahlin, Carl Yngve, 1824-1917 2781 1878 Digital version available
Éloge de Charles von Linné ... Extrait des N.os III, IV, V et VI, du Journal des sciences utiles ci-devant d'Hist. naturelle, année 1790. Par M. de Saint-Amans ... Saint-Amans, Jean-Florimond Boudon de, 1748-1831 2622 1791 Digital version available
Linné Károly emlékezete : születésének 200-adik évfordulója alkalmából Sajó, Károly 4817 Uránia 1907 Digital version available
Bibliographia discipuli Linnæi : bibliographies of the 331 pupils of Linnæus / Sven-Erik Sandermann Olsen. Sandermann Olsen, Sven-Erik 4237 Den Danske Linné-Samling 1997 Digital version available
A trial proof page of the Species plantarum / by S. Savage Savage, S. 4505 1953 Digital version available
Catalogue of the exhibits in the Society's library on the occasion of the 150th anniversary celebrations / by S. Savage ... Savage, Spencer 4591 1939 Digital version available
Catalogue of the manuscripts in the library of the Linnean Society of London. P. 3, Synopsis of the annotations by Linnaeus and contemporaries in his library of printed books Savage, Spencer 4471 Linnean Society of London 1940 Digital version available
A catalogue of the Linnaean herbarium / comp. and annotated by Spencer Savage Savage, Spencer 3536b Linnean Society of London 1945 Digital version available
Studies in Linnaean synonymy. 2, Sir James Edward Smith and the Linnaean herbarium Savage, Spencer 919ha 1937 Digital version available