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[Natural History, for the Use of Schools.] The Elements of natural history, for the use of schools ... Illustrated with a frontispiece and fifty copper plates ... A new edition, revised. Mavor, William Fordyce, 1758-1837. 154c Richard Phillips 1802 Digital version available
Les plantes, poème, etc. CASTEL, René Richard Louis. 760g 1802 Digital version available
Les plantes, poème, etc. CASTEL, René Richard Louis. 3149 1802 Digital version available
Fundamenta botanica, prælectionibus publicis accommodata. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio, 1723-1788. 691d 1802 Digital version available
Elements of botany; or, an introduction to the sexual system of Linnæus. To which is annexed an English botanical dictionary. Illustrated by copper-plates. HALL, Richard, M.D. 775 1802 Digital version available
Monographia Apum Angliæ; or, an attempt to divide into their natural genera and families such species of the Linnean genus Apis as have been discovered in England. To which are prefixed some ... remarks upon the class Hymenoptera and a synoptical table of the nomenclature of the external parts of these insects. Kirby, William, 1759-1850. 1233a 1802 Digital version available
Flora Helvetica, exhibens plantas Helvetiæ indigenas Hallerianas, et omnes quæ nuper detectæ sunt ordine Linnaeano. (Helvetiens Flora, etc.). SUTER, Johann Rudolf. 778a 1802 Digital version available
A general system of nature ... Translated from Gmelin's last edition, ... amended and enlarged by the improvements and discoveries of later naturalists, ... with (life ... of Linné) ... copperplates, (and a dictionary explanatory of the terms which occur in the ... departments of natural history,) by W. Turton. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 137 1802-06 Digital version available
Linnæus's System of botany, so far as relates to his classes and orders of plants; illustrated by figures entirely new, with copious explanatory descriptions, etc. CURTIS, William, Botanist. 678 Printed & sold by W. Phillips for Samuel Curtis 1803 Digital version available
Flore du nord de la France, ... ouvrage ... dans lequel les plantes sont arrangées selon le système de Linné, ... on y a joint ... leurs propriétés reconnues dans la médecine, dans les alimens et dans les arts. ROUCEL, F. 782a 1803 Digital version available
Resp. Animadversiones in classem piscium Linneanam, etc. Præs. A. J. Retzio, etc. PLANANDER, Lars Alger. 155 1803 Digital version available
Dispositio systematica plantarum, quæ in systemate sexuali Linnaeano eas classes et ordines non obtinent, in quibus secundum numerum et structuram genitalium reperiri debent. CRAMER, Joannes Christianus. 781 1803 Digital version available
Commentatio super Veronicis Spicatis Linnaei ... Accedunt tabulae duae aeneae. SCHRADER, Heinrich Adolph. 4482 1803 Digital version available
An Introduction to Botany : in a Series of Familiar Letters with illustrative engravings / Priscilla Wakefield. Wakefield, Priscilla. 760b Darton and Harvey 1803 Digital version available
Abrégé de l'histoire des plantes usuelles ... Nouvelle édition. CHOMEL, Pierre Jean Baptiste. 780 1803 Digital version available
Nomenclator botanicus, sistens plantas omnes in Caroli a Linné Speciebus plantarum ab illustri D. Carolo Ludovico Willdenow enumeratas. (Continuatio I-IV.). HENCKEL VON DONNERSMARCK, Leo Felix Victor, Count. 514 1803-12 Digital version available
Lepidoptera Britannica: sistens digestionem novam insectorum lepidopterorum quæ in Magna Britannia reperiuntur. [pt. 1.] ... Adjunguntur dissertationes variæ ad historiam naturalem spectantes. (Lepidopteræ Britannicæ ... pars tertia, quarta.). HAWORTH, Adrian Hardy. 3962 1803-28 Digital version available
C. L. W.'s ... Anleitung zum Selbststudium der Botanik, ein Handbuch zu öffentlichen Vorlesungen. Willdenow, Karl Ludwig, 1765-1812. 785a 1804 Digital version available
Botanical lectures. By a Lady (M. E. J. [i.e. Maria E. Jackson]). Altered from “Botanical dialogues for the use of schools” ... by the same author. [With plates.] J., M. E. 580b J. Johnson 1804 Digital version available
Système des plantes, contenant les classes, ordres, genres et espèces, les caractères naturels et essentiels des genres, les phrases caractéristiques des espèces ... Extrait et traduit des ouvrages de Linné, par J. P. Mouton-Fontenille. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 325 1804, 05. Digital version available