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Medical botany : containing systematic and general descriptions, with plates, of all the medicinal plants comprehended in the catalogues of the materia medica ... / by William Woodville. Woodville, William, 1752-1805. 745 John Bohn 1832 Digital version available
An English index to the plants of India. Piddington, Henry, 1797-1858. 842bg 1832 Digital version available
A general system of gardening and botany ... Founded upon Miller's Gardener's dictionary. Don, George, 1798-1856. 842 1832-38 Digital version available
The flora of Oxfordshire, and its contiguous counties : (comprising the flowering plants only;) arranged in easy and familiar language, according to the Linnaean and natural systems; preceded by an introduction to botany, with illustrative plates / Richard Walker. Walker, Richard. 842f H. Slatter 1833 Digital version available
The conchologist's text-book, embracing the arrangments of Lamarck and Linnæus, with a glossary of technical terms, etc. Brown, Thomas, 1785-1862. 167 A. Fullarton & Co 1833 Digital version available
The philosophy of natural history. SMELLIE, William, Member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 151c 1834 Digital version available
A synoptical compend of British botany ... Fourth edition, etc. GALPINE, John, A.L.S. 785k S. Bagster 1834 Digital version available
Flore française destiné aux herborisations, ou description des plantes croissant naturellement en France, ou cultivées pour l'usage de l'homme et des animaux, avec l'analyse des genres et leur tableau d'après le système de Linné, etc. (Table générale et supplément.). MUTEL, Auguste. 842h 1834-38 Digital version available
Flora comense disposta secondo il sistema di Linneo. COMOLLI, Giuseppe. 842g 1834-57 Digital version available
Botanical chart; or, concise introduction to the Linnæan system of botany ... A new edition, etc. RATTRAY, James, Surgeon. 844 1835 Digital version available
C. Linnaei Opera. Editio prima critica, plena, ad editiones veras exacta, textum nullo rei detrimento contractum locosque editionum discrepantes exhibens. Volumen secundum. Systema vegetabilium libros diagnostico-botanicos continens. (Edidit brevique adnotatione explicavit H. E. Richter.). Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 25 1835 Digital version available
An address to the Citizens of Hartford on the birthday of Linnæus, ... in behalf of the objects of the Natural History Society, etc. JARVIS, Samuel Farmar. 2688c 1836 Digital version available
The Linnæan artificial system of botany, illustrated and explained. In three parts, etc. [With plates.] Castle, Thomas, -1837. 845 E. Cox 1836 Digital version available
Flora Hibernica, comprising the flowering plants, ferns, characeæ, musci, lichenes and algæ of Ireland, arranged according to the natural system, with a synopsis of the genera according to the Linnæan system. MACKAY, James Townsend. 844e 1836 Digital version available
Nouvelle flore des environs de Paris, suivant la méthode naturelle. MÉRAT DE VAUMARTOISE, François Victor. 802d 1836 Digital version available
Teutschlands phanerogamische Pflanzengattungen in analytischen Bestimmungstabellen nach dem natürlichen und linneischen Systeme. SPENNER, Friedrich Carl Leopold. 844f 1836 Digital version available
The entomologist's useful compendium, etc. Samouelle, George. 3951 1836 Digital version available
The botanist's manual: comprising a complete list of the British flowering plants and ferns ... designed ... as a book of entry for the discovery of plants, etc. [By Richard Deakin.] Deakin, Richard. 844a* R. Groombridge 1836 Digital version available
The flora of Jamaica, arranged according to the natural orders. With an appendix, containing an enumeration of the genera according to the Linnean system and an essay on the geographical distribution of the species. . MACFADYEN, James. 845i 1837 Digital version available
The Life of Linnæus. To which is added a short account of the botanical systems of Linnæus and Jussieu. With a slight glance at the discoveries of Goethe, etc. CARR, Daniel C. 2690 James Shalders 1837 Digital version available