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An introduction to the study of English botany. Illustrated by thirty seven plates. BANKS, George, F.L.S. 827 Longman & Co 1823 Digital version available
The Linnaean system of conchology : describing the orders, genera, and species of shells, arr. into divisions and families; with a view to facilitate the student's attain. of the sci. / John Mawe. Mawe, John. 1239 The author 1823 Digital version available
S. Brookes's ... Anleitung zu dem Studium der Conchylienlehre ... Bevorwortet und mit einer Tafel über die Anatomie der Flussmuschel vermehrt von Dr. C. Gust. Carus. BROOKES, Samuel, F.L.S. 158e 1823 Digital version available
Flora Edinensis; or, a description of plants growing near Edinburgh, arranged according to the Linnæan system: with a concise introduction to the natural orders of the class Cryptogamia, and illustrative plates. Greville, Robert Kaye, 1794-1866. 829a 1824 Digital version available
Catalogue of an extensive and valuable collection of the best works on natural history, arranged in classes according to the Linnean system now selling ... by W. Wood. WOOD, William, F.R.S. 163 Richard Taylor 1824 Digital version available
An epitome of Lamarck's arrangement of Testacea: being a free translation of that part of his work, De l'histoire naturelle des animaux sans vertèbres. With illustrative observations, and comparative and synoptic tables of the systems of Linnæus and Lamarck. By C. Dubois. Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de, 1744-1829. 165 1824 Digital version available
The lives of distinguished foreigners, celebrated in childhood for premature attainments. Translated from the French [i.e. “Histoire des enfants célèbres,” by P. J. B. Nougaret], by E. Arrowsmith. Translator. ARROWSMITH, E. NOUGARET, Pierre Jean Baptiste. 4483 Harvey & Darton 1824 Digital version available
A catalogue of indigenous and exotic plants growing in Ceylon, distinguishing the several esculent vegetables ... with ... the divisions ... of species in use amongst the Singhalese. Also an outline of the Linnæan sexual system of botany in the English and Singhalese languages. MOON, Alexander, Superintendent of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ceylon. 830 1824 Digital version available
Flora svecica enumerans plantas Sveciæ indigenas ... post Linnæum edita a Georgio Wahlenberg .. Wahlenberg, Georgius, 1780-1851. 829c suis impensis excudebant Palmblad & C 1824-1826 Digital version available
Dizionario Botanico Italiano, che comprende i nomi volgari italiani, specialmente toscani, e vernacoli delle piante, raccolti da diversi autori e dalla gente di campagna, col corrispondente Latino Linneano. Targioni Tozzetti, Ottaviano, 1755-1829. 34j 1825 Digital version available
Sketches in biography, designed to show the influence of literature on character and happiness. CLAYTON, John, Esq. 4484 Waugh & Innes 1825 Digital version available
Botanical sketches of the twenty-four classes in the Linnæan system. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 830a 1825 Digital version available
Useful knowledge: or, A familiar and explanatory account of the various productions of nature, mineral, vegetable, and animal, etc. BINGLEY, William, Rev. 803d Baldwin, Cradock & Joy 1825 Digital version available
Practical botany; an improved arrangement of the generic characters of British plants: with a familiar introduction to the Linnean system. Johns, William, M.R.C.S. 830b 1826 Digital version available
Linné's eigenhändige Anzeichnungen über sich selbst, mit Anmerkungen ... von Afzelius. Aus dem Schwedischen übersetzt von K. Lappe. Mit einer Vorrede von K. A. Rudolphi. Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. 2661 1826 Digital version available
Äreminne öfver arkiatern Carl von Linné. Agardh, C. A. 1785-1859. 2668 1826 Digital version available
Botanical terminology; or dictionary explaining the terms most generally employed in systematic botany. LLOYD, G. N. 831 1826 Digital version available
Goldsmith's natural history, abridged ... by Mrs. Pilkington. The eleventh edition, revised and corrected by a teacher, of Philadelphia, etc. Goldsmith, Oliver, 1730?-1774. 166a Thomas Desilver 1826 Digital version available
A sketch of the life of Linnæus. In a series of letters designed for young persons. Waring, S., Miss. 2673 Harvey and Darton 1827 Digital version available
The first lines of botany, or Primer to the Linnæan system; being a simplified introduction to a knowledge of the vegetable kingdom, etc. Forsyth, J. S. 832 J. Bulcock 1827 Digital version available